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Strong communication from managers enables them to better instruct and inform their team members on particular tasks, goals, and general performance expectations. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of mistakes being made and reduces the likelihood of confusion amongst team members.

The benefits of effective communication in the workplace are endless. It should be a primary focus for managers of all organizations, regardless of industry and size.

Communication is often the basis of any healthy relationship, including the one between an team member and their manager. Gallup has found that consistent communication is connected to higher engagement, whether it occurs in person, over the phone, or electronically.

For example, team members whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost three times as likely to be engaged as team members whose managers do not hold regular meetings with them.

Gallup also found that engagement is highest among team members who have some form (face to face, phone, or digital) of daily communication with their managers. Managers who use a combination of face-to-face, phone, and electronic communication are the most successful in engaging team members.

But mere transactions between managers and team members are not enough to maximize engagement. Team members value communication from their manager not just about their roles and responsibilities but also about what happens in their lives outside of work. The Gallup study revealed that team members who feel their manager is invested in them as people are more likely to be engaged.

In this Course You Will Learn

  • Element 1: Build Trusting Two-Way Communications
  • Element 2: Engage in Dialogue, Not Monologue
  • Element 3: Criticize in Private and Praise in Public
  • Element 4: Create Awareness and Use of Best Communications Channels
  • Element 6: Conduct Effective Team Meeting

You will receive 

  • Instructor led video training
  • Full Couse PDF for Reference
  • Two Results Driven Game Changing Exercises
  • A Personal Development Plan to put all of your takeaways into actions and practice. 

This is one of our most critical courses t improving management results. The danger of not taking this course for many is the illusion of being a good communicator when the facts are "you don't know what you don't know." 

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