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How to Deal With Difficult People

There will often be times when you'll have to deal with different types of difficult people. These people may be within your organization, such as employees, peers, or bosses. Regardless of who they are, you must deal with these difficult people in a way that brings about the most significant impact on you and the areas you manage.

Studies suggest that employees prefer corrective feedback over positive feedback, but managers are often reluctant to give it. Also, according to research from Gallup, only 28 percent of people receive feedback a few times a year, while 19 percent say they accept it once a year or less.

Part of the problem is that performance conversations can be stressful. When people get defensive, and the mood turns sour, workplace relationships can be damaged. And when you factor in a busy working environment, it's easy to see why some managers might put off giving corrective feedback until formal performance reviews.

But delaying giving feedback can lead to a disconnect between it and the behavior or action.

Dealing with difficult people is a skill that many managers don't possess.

Managers tend to view the destructive behaviors of people as though they are infrequent enough to avoid with no urgency to deal with them.

Others see the patterns of destructive behaviors but do not know how best to address the situations.

Results-Driven Managers have the knowledge and skill to recognize when difficult people are being destructive and the urgency and tools to deal with them in a practical approach. They know that these negative behaviors must be addressed, even if difficult.

Caving into the Destructive Behaviors by sticking your head in the sand, and hoping that the problems will go away, is a sure way to sabotage your impact.

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The objective is to address, deal with, and eliminate destructive behaviors that are roadblocks to the desired working dynamics that make organizations more successful.

How you address negative patterns of behavior is the key. You need to avoid spur-of-the-moment responses that will often be ineffective and worsen the situation.

In this course, you will learn the tools and techniques to develop the strategy you should use to be most effective when transforming the situation into something more constructive. How you deal with these difficult people will differ significantly depending on your working relationship with the person.

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