Onboarding New Employees For Success


Onboarding is a prime opportunity for employers to win the hearts and minds of new employees.

Don't waste it.

(Note this is not an HR Onboarding Process. This is an Onboarding Process for Managers to welcome new team members onto their team.)


Managers and business owners, don't let your new employees fall by the wayside! Introducing Setting New Employees Up For Success, an onboarding program designed to make lasting impressions from the very start. Research shows that onboarding is an ideal opportunity to win over an employee's trust and enthusiasm for their job - so don't let it slip away!

As a manager or business owner, you know the effort it takes to recruit, select, and hire first-class talent. Don’t waste that effort by ignoring onboarding - ensure these valuable resources are welcomed and prepared for success in their new roles with an optimal onboarding experience.

With our program, you'll be able to tap into the power of first impressions. We'll come up with a tailored plan to make sure your new hires feel supported and integrated right away. 

Welcome new members onto your team with confidence and dedication to setting them up for success with Setting New Employees Up For Success. Onboarding is such a crucial, yet often underappreciated, part of a successful workbench that can’t be neglected if you want your employees to remain engaged and productive over the long haul.

Setting New Employees Up For Success provides assistance in curating the appropriate onboarding process specifically geared towards individual talent within each company or team setting. We provide top-notch guidance on building relationships between supervisors and new hires along every step of the way for maximum engagement throughout the entire employee experience.

Navigate challenges that can arise in any professional environment with confidence, knowing our system sets clear objectives, trackable outcomes, and schedules timeframes so all involved parties can measure successes and acknowledge improvement needs in an organized fashion. From initial hiring to responding more quickly when opportunities —or challenges —arise.

Setting New Employees Up For Success gives you reliable tools founded on proven strategies designed to make sure you maintain high performance while also recognizing individual contributions from new members of your team.

Get on board with Setting New Employees Up For Success today to provide an optimal experience for your incoming teams – ensuring greater employee engagement right out of the gate!

What Will Be Learned?

With this online training, you will explore the 20 best practice elements of creating a results-driven onboarding process.

You’ll learn why it’s essential to use an orientation checklist and the importance of setting your new team member up for success from their first day in the workplace.

Included In The Course

  • This comprehensive training offers executive instructor-led videos, full course PDFs in downloads, exercises, quizzes and more so that you make sure you get everything right as soon as possible. The included exercise will help you evaluate your organization in regards to setting up a new employee for success, with another exercise that explores why some of the best employees may have left your firm, uncovering valuable insights.
  • And that’s not all - we have also created an onboarding checklist that can be edited easily to make sure it perfectly fits your requirements.

Plus, if by any chance you don’t feel like this training was worth your investment – worry not! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked!

Enrol today and take advantage of this great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition with effective onboarding practices - we look forward to seeing you inside!


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