How To Become A More Strategic Leader

Many managers spend their time and creativity on tactics that fail to connect to brand or business goals. They may be working hard, but to what end? Without the skills of strategic leadership that include concrete, quantifiable, measurable goals, managers have no way to measure success and demonstrate results, value, and performance. Instead, they focus on vanity or tactical indicators.

Strategic leadership is a leader's ability to visualize, plan, lead, and make the best out of their resources. sadly most managers operate in a highly tactical manner that gets things done. But are they the most valuable use of time and resources? Their activities are often not tied to the organization's goals or mission.

Productivity and management mindset are significant — how leaders think goes hand in hand with how they lead. A strategic mindset reflects strategic agility, the ability to see how the big picture relates to the here and now. They are the abilities to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align, and learn.

Consider these impacts, as well:

  • A lack of strategy and vision will create confusion, lower productivity, and decrease employee engagement. Your team needs to know the company’s big-picture goals and why the work matters.
  • A lack of sales-generating initiatives will cause your growth to plateau. Your competition, who is taking the time to plan and work on strategy, will outpace you.
  • A lack of clear, implementation-ready plans will result in miscommunication, failure to align resources, and wasted time and effort.
  • Your quarterly implementation plan forms the basis of your weekly meetings. Without a great quarterly plan, you won’t be focused on having the right discussions each week, and your weekly meetings may seem pointless.

When you look at it this way, the investment you are making in training managers to be more strategic probably seems small in comparison to the value you are getting.



What You Will Learn 

This course describes the essential skills every manager must have to be more strategic in their management approach in detail. We also include a self-assessment that will enable managers to identify the strategic skills that most need their attention. We have found that strength in one skill cannot easily compensate for a deficit in another. An adaptive strategic leader has learned to apply all the skills we teach in this course.

Results Driven Managers strategically lead those people and activities for which they are responsible while embracing and balancing their hands-on, day-to-day requirements.

  • 3 steps to Be An Effective Strategic Leader
  • Strategic Leadership techniques, processes, and methods to make your plans succeed. 
  • How to Create a Strategic Plan
  • Managing With Strategic Direction
  • The Blue Print For Follow-Up and Follow Through to Achieve Goals
  • The Top 10 Skills a Strategic Leader Must Have


What You Will Get

  • Executive Led Video Instruction
  • Full course PDF for Future Reference
  • Complete Assessment For Determining Current Strategic Knowledge
  • True False Quiz
  • A Personal Development Plan For Applying the Knowledge and Tools 

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