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Winning Strategic Leadership Approach for Those Who Want To Grow


Results Driven Managers strategically lead those people and activities for which they are responsible while embracing and balancing their hands-on, day-to-day requirements.

In this course you will learn Strategic Leadership techniques, processes, and methods to make your plans succeed. 

In this course we will cover

  • 3 steps to Be An Effective Strategic Leader
  • How to Create a Strategic Plan
  • Managing With Strategic Direction
  • How to Achieve Goals

We will also go into depth on:

The Top 10 Skills a Strategic Leader Must Have

Strategic leadership is a leader's ability to visualize, plan, lead, and make the best out of their resources to execute strategies efficiently and successfully. Productivity and management mindset play significant roles — how leaders think equals how they lead. A strategic mindset reflects strategic agility: the ability to see how the big picture relates to the here and now.

1.   Strategic thinking

2.  Communication skills

3.  Strategic planning

4.  Measuring objectives and key results

 5.  Strategic agility

6.  Awareness

7.  Trust and reliability

8.  Execution

9.  Integrity

10.  Management


The course provides:

  • Video Led Instruction
  • Full course PDF
  • Exercises
  • True False Quiz
  • A Personal Development Plan

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