Complimentary DISC Behavior Assessment


Hiring managers often judge candidates based on subjective rather than job-related criteria. This leads to less than stellar hires and all the baggage that comes with them.

The Average Cost Of A Mis-Hire Is 200% Of the Annual Salary.

Hire Smarter, Save Time and Frustration by using the DISC Skills Assessments.

Make Unbiased Decisions on the Best

Take the guesswork out of your screening process and hire people based on how they actually do the job.

Structured Interviews, resume screenings, and Pre-interview calls are only part of the mastery of hiring the best people.  Add in a DISC assessment, and your ability to predict job and culture fit soars.  This is because recruiters and hiring managers often judge candidates based on subjective rather than job-related criteria.


DISC Assessments are the same for everyone.

Other assessment methods like screening calls and unstructured interviews can be unfair. Interviewers ask different questions to different candidates and there’s no consensus on how to rate candidates’ answers.

DISC, by contrast, are standardized and administered in the same way to all candidates. If they’re crafted according to strictly job-related criteria, they give everyone the same opportunity to succeed.

DISC will save you time on interviews.

Assessing 20 traits during an interview would be time consuming and exhausting for both candidates and interviewers. You can assess some of these traits through pre-employment testing instead.

It’s best to assess job knowledge through tests to avoid losing time interviewing candidates who can’t do the job. You can also evaluate certain skills through tests like typing speed, written communication or problem-solving.

Evaluate candidates quickly and fairly


What Does DISC Provide?


Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who

understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. This report measures the four dimensions of normal behavior: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance.

DISC tells you how this individual will perform.


Driving Forces

Knowing an individual’s driving forces or motivators helps tell us why a person behaves a certain way. 12 Driving Forces™ measures the primary driving forces cluster – the top four of an individual’s driving forces – to tell a story of how a person derives meaning from life and work.


DISC  illuminates what drives this individual’s behavior – the why behind their actions.



An individual’s hierarchy of competencies is key to their success, and knowing what they are is essential to reaching one’s goals. This report is designed to assist in managing and developing a career. For many jobs, personal skills are as important as technical skills in producing superior performance.

DISC describes what this individual “has done” in 25 research-based competencies related to the business environment.

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