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Good hiring decisions are critical to the success of your organization. Results Driven Managers have an extremely high success rate in hiring because they know how to effectively interview and select the right person for the right job. In a study performed by Leadership IQ, a leadership training and research company, 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months, and sadly only 19% will be real wins for their employers.

What’s causing such a high new hire failure rate? The answer lies in something employers – particularly smaller employers – don’t always pay enough attention to emotional intelligence. The two biggest causes of failure, the study found, were the inability to accept feedback (26%), and the inability to understand and manage emotions (23%). 17% lacked the motivation to do a good job.

Top among the reasons new hires fail is poor interpersonal skills and lack of motivation. Asking the right questions during the job interview can help you find out whether your applicants possess the interpersonal skills and attitude that the job requires. But What Are Those Questions? 

Not knowing how to uncover these issues when interviewing and hiring new employees can crush your success as a manager. It can literally stall your career and often is a direct cause of your overwork and stress. How would you feel if you had the knowledge and tools to hire great employees at a very high success rate? More Confident? Could you be a more impactful member of the management team? Would it not be great for you to take more pride in your team's results? How about you being able to actually spend far less time fighting fires and dealing with people issues. Will that lower your stress and improve your career satisfaction? Bad hires lead to bad employees and lead to you working way harder than you should have to. 

What You Will Learn

 The Proven Approach to Hiring Great People.

  • You will also learn the right questions to ask and why you should be asking them.
  • How you have been approaching interviewing the wrong way
  • Fourteen hiring mistakes you must avoid
  • How you can plan for and create a Results-Driven Hiring Process

Included in the Course

  • Executive Led Instructor videos
  • Full course PDF downloads for reference. 
  • Exercise for you Identifying Your Most Common Hiring Mistakes
  • Exercise for Your Plan For Improving Your Hiring Future
  • True False Quiz to successfully complete the course.
  • Loads of valuable additional tools for future use.
  • Behavior-Based Interview Guide
  • Interview Guide for Management Positions
  • Phone Interview Form


Learn to be a master at interviewing and hiring and create a less stressful life and a more successful future!

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