How To Be an Inspiring Leader Course

Inspiring Leaders Use These Techniques to Motivate Teams and Hold Them Accountable



How To Be an Inspiring Leader Course

Inspiring Leaders Use These Techniques to Motivate Teams and Hold Them Accountable



We believe that anyone can become an inspiring leader (they're made, not born). However, in most companies, there are far too few of them. In employer surveys, we found that only 34% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their leaders were inspiring or unlocking team members' motivation. Even fewer felt that their leaders fostered engagement or commitment and modeled the culture and values of the corporation. 


The effects of poor motivation in the workplace are well-attested: higher employee turnover, lower levels of engagement, poor communication, and diminished productivity are just a few of the issues that may proliferate and lead to your workplace becoming a toxic environment.

Employee dissatisfaction in the workplace isn’t rare: A Gallup poll discovered that less than a third of workers in the US felt motivated by their jobs. When you consider that the same poll suggests that more than two-thirds of an employee’s motivation is a direct result of the influence of their manager, it’s easy to see that one of the key skills you need to have as a team leader is to know how to keep employees positive and satisfied, and to deal with demotivation if and when it does happen.


Does any of these symptoms ring true?

  • Employees are reactive, not proactive
  • Your employees feel that no matter what they do, they struggle to progress
  • Some employees are not pitching in
  • Poor body language or pushback when asked to do a bit more
  • Clock watching
  • Low Morale
  • High turnover
  • High blame culture
  • Poor alignment


Pain points crop up for the best and worst leaders. The best leaders recognize them, work through them and come out on the other side smarter. The worst leaders deny or ignore them and end up spreading the pain, making it bigger than its original form. 

Pain points are real, but they can be appropriately addressed, reversed, and minimized down the road. A leader’s willingness and ability to solve their pain points are prime indicators of their leadership mettle. 



What's the Cure?

Inspiring leaders use their unique combination of strengths to motivate individuals and teams to take on bold missions – and hold them accountable for results. And they unlock higher performance through empowerment, not command and control. This course contains some of the best practices and secrets for how leaders inspire and get excellent performance.


Inspiring leadership can lead to a number of benefits for an organization, including:

  • Increased productivity: Effective leaders can motivate and inspire their team members to work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Enhanced communication: Good leaders are able to clearly articulate expectations and goals, as well as listen to and address the concerns of their team members. This can lead to better teamwork and collaboration.

  • Improved morale: Strong leaders who are fair, respectful, and supportive can create a positive work environment and boost morale among team members.

  • Greater innovation: Good leaders encourage creativity and risk-taking, which can lead to the development of new ideas and solutions.

  • Better decision-making: Effective leaders can gather and analyze information, consider different perspectives, and make informed decisions that are in the organization's best interests.

  • Improved customer service: Good leaders prioritize customer satisfaction and work to ensure that their team members can meet customers' needs promptly and effectively.

  • Enhanced reputation: Strong leadership can contribute to a positive reputation for an organization, which can lead to increased trust and loyalty from customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


Why Invest in Results Driven Management Programs?


Leadership experience: Our executive trainers have decades of experience leading teams and organizations; this can be valuable in helping you and your team understand the challenges and opportunities that managers face and the leadership skills and techniques most effective in different situations.


Strong communication skills: Effective training requires strong communication skills, including presenting information clearly and concisely and adapting to the audience's needs and learning styles. All of our executive trainers have strong communication skills, which makes you uniquely qualified to train others.


Positive reputation: We have a positive reputation with every organization we have engaged with. Our training approach and materials are real world, taught by real executives, not some under-experienced trainer who has learned from a book.



Who Is This Course For?

Our programs are designed for managers regardless of seniority, industry, or location and give them the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace.

The two things that usually earn a promotion to management have nothing to do with great management ability: tenure and mastery of a previous, non-managerial role. Managers account for the majority of variance in almost all performance-related outcomes. Yet companies will spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year on everything but training their managers.

This course was created by our Results Driven Team of former executives. We share the methods we know work effectively because we have used them ourselves. No theory: we share the exact methods we’ve used scaling highly successful teams for decades.

Anyone can benefit from Results Driven Management Training, no matter their experience level. Here's how taking a leadership course can arm your managers with the expertise needed to drive peak results.

  • Aspiring Managers: If you have aspiring managers who you want to further their ability, prepare for the future by providing them with proper management strategies and frameworks and building their skill set.


  • Newly Appointed Managers: Whether they've managed people, products, or projects, these courses can help them acquire the skills necessary to succeed from day one.


  • Seasoned Managers: All experienced managers can still hone their leadership expertise by applying insights from the knowledgeable executives training from our courses.


What You Will Learn

  • How to Inspire your team, not just manage them
  • Create accountability, teamwork, and high levels of commitment to a job well done
  • The essential secrets of creating a positive work atmosphere
  • Have open communication and achievable objectives
  • Foster a positive atmosphere
  • The importance of getting to know your team
  • How to create healthy competition
  • The essentials of recognition and the Emotional Bank Account
  • That is is important to provide constructive feedback


What You Will Get In This Course

Greater satisfaction

Having an inspirational manager will make employees more satisfied with the work they complete and their job. An inspiring manager can stimulate interest in tasks and encourage employees to stay at the company longer. This can improve the retention rate and reduce the cost of hiring replacements.

Increased consistency

A motivational leader may inspire employees to focus on their tasks and deliver them on time and consistently rather than procrastinating on them. This consistency can also extend to quality, as it may motivate employees to fulfill clients' expectations as best as they can.

Improved performance

People who care about what they do may produce higher-quality work. If you act as a motivational manager, your team may put in more time and effort. This can help you reach goals more quickly or improve outcomes.

  • Executive Instructor-Led Videos
  • Full Course PDF for reference
  • Assessments and Tools to provide you the roadmap to being more inspirational and motivating
  • True False Quiz
  • Personal Development Plan for adopting the new best practice you learn

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