Results Driven Communications Course

 For a company to succeed, deadlines must be met, goals must be exceeded, and good communication is required. 



Results-Driven Communication Course

For a company to succeed, deadlines must be met, goals must be exceeded, and good communication is required


A constant flow of information is essential in today’s world of business. For a company to succeed, deadlines must be met, goals must be exceeded, and good communication and relationships are required. Stress, missed expectations, breakdowns in relationships, and unsatisfied clients are all effects of poor communication and indicate a problem in the workplace that needs to be addressed.

If a manager's connection with a coworker or supervisor has become difficult, they may feel the need to hide rather than sit down and talk to them about finding a solution. They may even hesitate to seek a resolution for fear of jeopardizing their job stability. A lack of fulfillment or a sense of insecurity is widespread in the workplace, and these feelings impede production.

A lack of trust can make it difficult to work together to fulfill deadlines if business connections are damaged and cannot be repaired. When deadlines are missed, people tend to view themselves as less competent. This self-perpetuating loop prevents teams and enterprises from achieving their full potential.

A recent Harris survey of business leaders reveals that poor workplace communication is a pervasive problem burdening businesses and employees alike. In fact, the study estimates a $1.2 trillion annual loss among U.S. businesses due to poor communication—or approximately $12,506 per employee every year. 

  • Miscommunication costs companies with 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year.
  • Communications barriers could be costing businesses around $37 billion per year.

The critical problem—which you may also recognize—is that although worldwide surveys continue to confirm the importance of good communication, these same surveys consistently report that prospective and current managers are doing poorly enough to be labeled “deficient” in their communication skills. 


Increase Team Building and Trust

  • 86% of corporate executives, educators, and employees cite ineffective communication and poor collaboration as reasons for failures in the workplace.
  • Employees who feel their voice is heard in the workplace are almost five times more likely (4.6x) to feel empowered to deliver their best work.
  • 39% of employees around the world feel that people don’t collaborate enough within their organization, yet 75% of employers rate collaboration and teamwork as ‘very important.

The benefits of effective communication in the workplace are endless.



Why Invest in Results Driven Management Programs?


Leadership experience: Our executive trainers have decades of experience leading teams and organizations; this can be valuable in helping you and your team understand the challenges and opportunities that managers face and the leadership skills and techniques most effective in different situations.


Strong communication skills: Effective training requires strong communication skills, including presenting information clearly and concisely and adapting to the audience's needs and learning styles. All of our executive trainers have strong communication skills, which makes you uniquely qualified to train others.


Positive reputation: We have a positive reputation with every organization we have engaged with. Our training approach and materials are real world, taught by real executives, not some under-experienced trainer who has learned from a book.



Who Is This Course For?

Our programs are designed for managers regardless of seniority, industry, or location and give them the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace.

The two things that usually earn a promotion to management have nothing to do with great management ability: tenure and mastery of a previous, non-managerial role. Managers account for the majority of variance in almost all performance-related outcomes. Yet companies will spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year on everything but training their managers.

This course was created by our Results Driven Team of former executives. We share the methods we know work effectively because we have used them ourselves. No theory: we share the exact methods we’ve used scaling highly successful teams for decades.

Anyone can benefit from Results Driven Management Training, no matter their experience level. Here's how taking a leadership course can arm your managers with the expertise needed to drive peak results.

  • Aspiring Managers: If you have aspiring managers who you want to further their ability, prepare for the future by providing them with proper management strategies and frameworks and building their skill set.


  • Newly Appointed Managers: Whether they've managed people, products, or projects, these courses can help them acquire the skills necessary to succeed from day one.


  • Seasoned Managers: All experienced managers can still hone their leadership expertise by applying insights from the knowledgeable executives training from our courses.



What You Will Learn

Strong communication from managers enables them to better instruct and inform their team members on particular tasks, goals, and general performance expectations. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of mistakes being made and reduces the likelihood of confusion among team members. It should be a primary focus for managers of all organizations, regardless of industry and size.

Communication is often the basis of any healthy relationship between a team member and their manager. Gallup has found that consistent communication is connected to higher engagement, whether it occurs in person, over the phone, or electronically. Building trust.

  • The Blue Print to Build Trusting Two-Way Communications
  • How to Engage in Dialogue, Not Monologue
  • The important Rule of Why You Criticize in Private and Praise in Public
  • How to Effectively Create Awareness and
  • The Proper Use of Best Communications Channels
  • How to Conduct Effective Team Meetings That Get Things Done!


Seven Strong Reasons Managers Must Have Effective Communication skills.

1. Effective communication fosters trust with others.

The ability to listen attentively and embrace different points of view helps others trust that managers are making optimal decisions for everyone in the group. The managers serve as role models, this trust will extend to your team, and they will feel as though they can trust their teammates to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

2. Preventing or resolving problems

The ability to communicate effectively plays a large role in resolving conflicts and preventing potential ones from arising. The key is for managers to remain calm, make sure all parties are heard, and find a solution that is ideal for everyone involved.

 3. Providing clarity and direction

With effective communication skills, managers are able to deliver clear expectations and objectives for their team. This involves finding constructive ways to point out when something isn’t working as well as providing helpful feedback to get people back on track. They will understand their specific tasks and responsibilities, as well as those of their teammates, which will help eliminate conflicts and confusion.

 4. Creates better relationships

Good communication also improves relationships with employees and in the manager's personal life with friends and family members. Listening carefully and offering quality feedback helps people to feel heard and understood. This, in turn, nurtures mutual respect.

5. Increases engagement

With people feeling more confident in their work and in their understanding of what they need to do, they become more engaged with their work as a whole. According to a recent study exploring the psychology of employee engagement, only 15% of adult employees are engaged with their employers. By prioritizing effective communication, the manager can increase engagement and thus boost satisfaction among your team members.

6. Improves productivity

When team members understand their roles, the roles of others, and the manager's expectations, they can focus more on their work and less on workplace issues. Effective communication resolves conflicts quickly, employees can better manage their workload, and distractions are minimized. These benefits contribute to greater productivity for the manager and their team.

7. Promotes team building

With improved communication, team members will be better able to rely on each other. Managers will not have one team member feel as though they have to carry the entire group. This improved division of labor will encourage positive feelings and relationships between the team members, which will lead to improved morale and work experience.

Good communication skills can play an important role in nurturing positive work experiences for your entire team. As people feel listened to and understood by you, you naturally improve your work environment. If you want to learn more about how to improve your leadership skills, including your communication strategies, take a look at our Effective Communication workshop at PCC. This condensed workshop will demonstrate the impact communication skills have on other people, at work and in life.

This is one of our most critical courses for improving management results. Anyone can learn to be a better communicator. They just must be willing to learn.

For many, the danger of not taking this course is the illusion of being a good communicator when the facts are "you don't know what you don't know." 


What You Will Get

  • Executive Led Video Training
  • Full Couse PDF for Reference
  • Two Results-Driven Game-Changing Exercises
  • True False Quiz
  • A Personal Development Plan To Put All of Your Takeaways Into Action and Practice. 


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