How To Hire Great People Course

Good hiring decisions are critical to the success of your organization. You can improve your success rate in hiring whenyou know how to effectively interview and select the right person for the right job.


How To Hire Great People Course

Good hiring decisions are critical to the success of your organization. Results Driven Managers have an extremely high success rate in hiring because they know how to effectively interview and select the right person for the right job.




Your business is only as good as your employees. From the front desk to the executive offices, every employee represents a facet of your business to clients and the community. Hiring the wrong person can cost you more than just money.

Managing the people in your company takes time, but dealing with a “poor performance” employee can take up to 70 percent more time than one with “good performance.”

When you hire the right people, you can focus on the big picture - running your business - rather than worrying about smaller details.



Hiring takes time, effort, and money, but did you know hiring the right people can save you money?

Uninformed managers take a “go with your gut” mindset when choosing a candidate, but a wrong hire can find you scurrying to replace someone you hired on a “hunch.” This equals spending additional money.

A new hire can cost over $4000, even before wages and salary, including advertising on various job sites and management time for interviewing, among other hiring expenses.

When it comes to wasted payroll and lost sales, you could be losing upwards of 25 percent of the annual salary for the role you’re attempting to fill. Hiring the most qualified candidates means new employees can hit the ground running and begin making valuable contributions to the company immediately.

Finally, a bad hire can lower organizational morale. Hires who are not a good fit with other personalities in the organization lead to tension and strain within a team. That tension ultimately affects existing employees' attitudes toward their jobs. They can also consume enormous management time dealing with the issues they create, including their poor performance and other co-workers or the company itself.




Hiring Great People Delivers Better Performance

Effective hiring will support your company in achieving faster levels of growth. Streamlined, efficient recruitment processes deliver higher-quality, more engaged hires, providing a competitive advantage that directly impacts your business performance.

Research by Hay Group suggests that firms with a high engagement score have revenue levels on average 4.5 times higher than those with the lowest, and numerous studies have correlated high employee engagement with improved customer satisfaction. Engagement starts with hiring the best fit for your role, and this course will show you exactly how to do that.

The right hire should be able to jump right in and contribute to the natural cohesion of your best teams. A bad hire, on the other hand, can sow discord and cause tension where it may not have even existed before. Look for each new hire’s potential for being a team player before you bring them on permanently. 


Why Invest in Results Driven Management Programs?


Leadership experience: Our executive trainers have decades of experience leading teams and organizations; this can be valuable in helping you and your team understand the challenges and opportunities that managers face and the leadership skills and techniques most effective in different situations.


Strong communication skills: Effective training requires strong communication skills, including presenting information clearly and concisely and adapting to the audience's needs and learning styles. All of our executive trainers have strong communication skills, which makes you uniquely qualified to train others.


Positive reputation: We have a positive reputation with every organization we have engaged with. Our training approach and materials are real world, taught by real executives, not some under-experienced trainer who has learned from a book.


Who Is This Course For?

Our programs are designed for managers regardless of seniority, industry, or location and give them the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace.

The two things that usually earn a promotion to management have nothing to do with great management ability: tenure and mastery of a previous, non-managerial role. Managers account for the majority of variance in almost all performance-related outcomes. Yet companies will spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year on everything but training their managers.

This course was created by our Results Driven Team of former executives. We share the methods we know work effectively because we have used them ourselves. No theory: we share the exact methods we’ve used scaling highly successful teams for decades.

Anyone can benefit from Results Driven Management Training, no matter their experience level. Here's how taking a leadership course can arm your managers with the expertise needed to drive peak results.

  • Aspiring Managers: If you have aspiring managers who you want to further their ability, prepare for the future by providing them with proper management strategies and frameworks and building their skill set.


  • Newly Appointed Managers: Whether they've managed people, products, or projects, these courses can help them acquire the skills necessary to succeed from day one.


  • Seasoned Managers: All experienced managers can still hone their leadership expertise by applying insights from the knowledgeable executives training from our courses.



Avoid Training an Employee Who’s Not Staying

Hiring costs can drain the budget. Add in the time and money expenses of training a new hire, and you have quite the investment made for each additional employee. If that hire doesn’t work out, you’ve lost hours and hours of one-on-one time with your training teams and management, who probably have better things to do. Learn to choose someone who will stick around. 


What You Will Learn

  • Don’t shortchange the hiring process. All too often, organizations are hiring under pressure, which means there are time constraints on filling the role, and these constraints push us to make hasty decisions. Avoid this as much as possible. Be proactive.
  • How you have been approaching interviewing the wrong way
  • Know the skill set that is necessary, and know what skills can and cannot be taught. 
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of cultural fit within the organization. 
  • Fourteen hiring mistakes to avoid
  • How to plan for and create a Results-Driven Hiring Process


What You Will Get

  • Executive Instructor-Led Videos
  • All the tools and best practices to dramatically improve the quality of your new hires
  • Full course PDF in downloads for reference. 
  • Exercise One Identifying Your Most Common Hiring Mistakes
  • Exercise Two Your Plan For Improving Your Hiring Future
  • True False Quiz to successfully complete the course.
  • Downloads of additional tools for future use.
  • Behavior-Based Interview Guide
  • Interview Guide for Management Positions
  • Phone Interview Form

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