Conducting Effective Meetings Course

The Best Practices used by Results Driven Managers for making their meetings extremely effective and people want to attend them.


Stop Conducting Crappy Meetings

Results Driven Managers are making their meetings extremely effective, and people want to attend them


Meetings are vitally important – if done well. Meetings help people feel included and trusted and that they are essential team members and allow them to contribute to the success of your team and company. Meetings and individual one-on-one conversations are the fuel that runs our companies.

What is wrong with our meetings?

  • We miss or postpone them because we're too busy putting out fires!
  • Nothing ever gets accomplished!
  • Nobody wants to come!
  • They're too much work!
  • Meetings are boring! But not Yours?

In short, we hear more about bad meeting experiences than good ones. While everyone has sat through their share of bad meetings (and, if we're honest, we might even admit that we've led a few ones ourselves), we don't often hear about what makes a good meeting.

  • Organizations spend roughly 15% of their time on meetings, with surveys showing that 71% of those meetings are considered unproductive.

  • An estimated $37 billion is lost per year to unproductive meetings.

  • Workers spend an average of 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings.


To facilitate success, your managers need self-discipline, perseverance, and an ability to focus on what is most important for the organization. They must be able to direct their team's energies to satisfy the Organization's Critical Success Factors.



Don't Waste Their Time!

One of the employees' most prominent complaints about meetings is wasted time at group meetings. Many complain about managers not starting their meetings on time and not stopping them on time. These managers allow discussions to meander. The topics are often not relevant enough to keep members from feeling bored or excluded. These mistakes are all easy things for you to avoid when facilitating meetings with your team. These meeting best practices provide a vital approach to be used with various meeting types.

  • Meetings With Your Boss
  • Meetings With Peers
  • Meetings With Your Team



Why Invest in Results Driven Management Programs?


Leadership experience: Our executive trainers have decades of experience leading teams and organizations; this can be valuable in helping you and your team understand the challenges and opportunities that managers face and the leadership skills and techniques most effective in different situations.


Strong communication skills: Effective training requires strong communication skills, including presenting information clearly and concisely and adapting to the audience's needs and learning styles. All of our executive trainers have strong communication skills, which makes you uniquely qualified to train others.


Positive reputation: We have a positive reputation with every organization we have engaged with. Our training approach and materials are real world, taught by real executives, not some under-experienced trainer who has learned from a book.



Who Is This Course For?


Our programs are designed for managers regardless of seniority, industry, or location and give them the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace.

The two things that usually earn a promotion to management have nothing to do with great management ability: tenure and mastery of a previous, non-managerial role. Managers account for the majority of variance in almost all performance-related outcomes. Yet companies will spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year on everything but training their managers.


This course was created by our Results Driven Team of former executives. We share the methods we know work effectively because we have used them ourselves. No theory: we share the exact methods we’ve used scaling highly successful teams for decades.

Anyone can benefit from Results Driven Management Training, no matter their experience level. Here's how taking a leadership course can arm your managers with the expertise needed to drive peak results.

  • Aspiring Managers: If you have aspiring managers who you want to further their ability, prepare for the future by providing them with proper management strategies and frameworks and building their skill set.


  • Newly Appointed Managers: Whether they've managed people, products, or projects, these courses can help them acquire the skills necessary to succeed from day one.


  • Seasoned Managers: All experienced managers can still hone their leadership expertise by applying insights from the knowledgeable executives training from our courses.


What You Will Learn

In this course, we will share the best practices we know will create the results you want. 

  • How To Define the Meeting Objectives.
  • How To Create an Agenda + Send Calendar Invites.
  • How To Create a Safe Space for Collaboration.
  • The Best Practices to Stay on Track.
  • How To End With Clear Actions, Owners, and Timelines.

You want your teams to contribute honestly and effectively as to what they feel will help make your organization more successful. Managers must have the skill to break down any barrier to their team members' assurance that they will not have to worry about retaliation if they express any ideas or reflections, including those related to the work of anyone else on the team or their departments.

The pacing of meetings is more important than you might think. A brisk pace can help bring about team agreement on needed changes with a fast reaction time to execute the agreed-upon changes, rather than delaying action or postponing it indefinitely with "death by discussion." 

In summary, use team meetings for debating and decision-making on important issues versus simply transferring information or disciplining individuals.


What Your Will Get

  • Executive Instructor-Led Video Training
  • Full Course PDF for Reference
  • Project Tracking Tool
  • To-Do List Tracking Tool
  • Project Plan Exercise 
  • Meeting Agenda Template
  • Meeting Best Practices
  • True False Quiz

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