Results Driven Leadership Course Library

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Recruiting Hiring
and Onboarding


1 How to Hire Great People

Good hiring decisions are critical to the success of your organization. Learn how to approach interviewing, common mistakes to avoid, and how to develop your hiring process.


2 Setting New Team Members up for Success

Discover the often-missed best practices and processes for onboarding your new members. Using a clear formal checklist, learn to get new employees quickly thinking of themselves as part of your organization's community.


3 Complimentary DISC Assessment

Take 20 minutes and learn your DISC behavior style for free!

Moving From
Manager to Leader


1 Performance Management That Works

This resource center helps managers implement and maintain a successful strategic process while increasing employee morale.


2 How to be an Inspiring Leader

Discover some of the best practices and secrets for how leaders both inspire and get excellent performance from their team members.


3 Strategic Leadership

Results Driven Managers strategically lead people and activities for which they are responsible, while embracing and balancing their hands-on, day-to-day requirements. In this course, learn strategic leadership techniques, processes, and methods to make your plans succeed.


4 How to Gain Team Member Buy-in

Achieve maximum results by gaining the skills you need to help your team support your ideas, goals, and strategies. When you gain collaborative buy-in, you create the best chances of success for the whole.


5 How to Create a High-Performance Culture

Learn the 3 steps to creating a high-performance culture. Plus, create your organization’s culture statement and learn the high-performance pillars of commitment, motivation, morale, creativity, and success.


6 How to deal with difficult people

Gain the skills to recognize when difficult people are being destructive as well as the urgency and tools to deal with them in a practical approach.

How to Get Stuff Done


1 Productive Time Management

Master proven best practices to avoid exhaustion and burn out while gaining control of you time and staying in control.


2 Conducting Effective Meetings

Get the tools you need to conduct effective meetings that help people feel included, trusted, and allow them to contribute to the success of your team and company.


3 Creating and Managing Successful Action Plans

Achieve great results by learning how to create and manage precise action plans.


4 Results Driven Communication

Develop strong communication stills, so you can better instruct and inform team members on particular tasks, goals, and general performance expectations.



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